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All Saints Disc-Jockeys & bands 2019

Our criteria for selecting Djs for the All Saints Mod Holiday has always been focused on inviting renowned international Djs as well as new and upcoming Djs that have never played in Italy before. In particular, we choose the Djs for their energy, enthusiasm, expertise and skills in selecting music, their ability behind the decks and their attention to the dance floor. Most of them have made a big impact on the Mod scene, both past and present, and are well respected Djs in the scene, but almost all of them are new to the Lavarone scene.  We hope that our choices will guarantee a high quality mix of music that will keep you dancing all night long and preserve the musical formula of our weekend: maximum variation on the dance floor.

​The Lavarone Djs will give you the opportunity to hear some new records and to explore different musical tastes as well as DJ styles. One of the characteristics of our weekend is to introduce you to new obscure and underplayed tunes in an original way.

We don’t like the “Noli me tangere” axioms, and we not are tied to any specific genre of music or dogma; we prefer to be a bit more adventurous and different.​

We also have a variety of live acts and daytime activities; daytime Djs and bands that are carefully selected to similar criteria in which we choose the Djs for the main allnighters. We try to add diversity by selecting both established and new up and coming live bands in order to add originality and taste to the weekender as well as introducing you to some new people on the scene.

Together with the allnighters, we get started by a meet and greet aperitif at the well-known Bar Belem and a welcome dinner for the first guests on Wednesday, October 30. Then on Thursday, Octber 31, we will meet at the Hotel Monteverde for the real start of the weekender, with our “Jazz, Wines & Soul Daytime gathering” with the Open bar formula and where our Djs will be spinning some tunes and a super buffet will be served together with a tasting of wine.

Let's have a look at the DJ squad we have assembled for this weekender and the bands we have invited as listed below. In order to gain some insight into their personalities we have asked some simple questions plus 5 tunes they might play in Lavarone.

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