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During the days of the All Saints, apart from playing darts or billiards, drinking the famous, local wines and grappas as well as tasting the delicious regional cusine, take part in the Bowling competition or rest in your room to be ready for the concerts and the allnighters, you can also have a look at what surrounds you. We are in the mountains but not outside the world. Here are some of our suggestions about what you can see in Lavarone and its surroundings, we also supply some useful links.

Lavarone, as previously said, is a a wide area characterized by pastures and wavy meadows that give a sense of serenity to those who arrive, but it was also the place for hard bloody battles during the First World War.This is testified by the rests of several war structures and Austro-Hungarian fortresses, the so called Emperor's Fortresses (Forte Cima Vézzena, Forte Busa Verle, Forte Lusérn, Forte Cherle, Forte Sommo Alto and Forte Dosso del Sommo), the main one is the so called Werk Gschwent or Forte Belvedere, that was built to defend the city of Trento ("For Trento I'm enough!" was its motto) between 1908 and 1912 and now is transformed in a museum that we highly suggest that you visit if you are passionate about military history. All the area is disseminated with remains of trenches, fortified positions, tunnels, former military roads, a heritage of history and culture.

There are also some military cemeteries that are witnesses of the horror of the war. Between them we suggest you to see Slaghenaufi military cemetery. Is situated close to the burgh of Bertoldi and contains the mortal remains of 750 Austro-Hungarian who fell on the eastern front of the Plateaux between 1916 and 1918 and is worth a visit because is in a magnificent natural setting on a hill dominating a wonderful scenery. 

Near Lavarone you could go to visit the city of Rovereto (30 minutes) with the interesting centre and expecially Mart, one of the best and famous european museum of modern and contemporary arts with permanent, temporary and itinerant exhibitions.

You could also go to Trento, the most important city of the Trentino region, that is 45 minutes by bus. This city, famous for one of the biggest and most important ecumenic council (1545-1563) of the history of church, has a lot of interesting things to see. The centre, with the famous Piazza del Duomo and the Cathedral, and other medieval buildings and the Castello del Buonconsiglio, is one of the best things we suggest you to see, if you want to make a bit of tourism during the All Saints.
Useful links:

APT Lavarone
Forte Belvedere
Castello del Buonconsiglio

If you are interested to see Forte Belvedere on your own, the city of Trento or Rovereto during the All Saints weekend, contact us and we will explain you how to get there. It will be possible to book the shuttle service.

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