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  • Ristorante Nido Verde - via Trieste 35 - Lavarone (tel. +39 - 0464/783151)

  • Ristorante Pizzeria Cluny - Via Carducci 102, Carbonare (+39 - 0464/765227)

  • Ristorante Pizzeria Esperia, Frazione Chiesa, Lavarone (+39 0464/783464)

  • Ristorante Davilla - Frazione Chiesa (+39 - 0464/783116)

  • Bar Belem - Fraz. Bertoldi - Lavarone

  • Garni' il Muretto - Fraz. Bertoldi - Lavarone 


Trentino is a land embraced by the mountains and it has preserved its gastronomic tradition: on one hand it is the result of old contacts and exchanges with the German world, from which it took numerous recipes; on the other hand, it comes from the old poor farmers' life, which gave birth to simple recipes. What the "trentina" cuisine offers is de facto a mixture of what Mother Nature can offer at that particular time adapted to each period of the year, preserving the traditional taste. Lavarone, that is a wide area characterized by pastures and wavy meadows which had been theatre of hard bloody battles during the First World War (testified by the rests of several forts and war structures that you can visit), is at 1100 metres of altitude and this means to have the direct possibility to plunge in tastes and flavours of the characteristic mountain cuisine. During All Saints so also a long eno-gastronomic journey will start for you: dishes made with vegetables and mushrooms, with simple or sophisticated appetisers based on regional ingredients, unique pasta dishes with homemade pasta with different kinds of flour (whole-meat, yellow-flour, saracen-flour…) as "canederli" and "strangolapreti", meat as rabbit, chicken, goose, duck, venison and roe deer served with the famous "polenta" (a meal made with maize flour corn usually poured into a traditional wooden bread-board, from which it is served in slices cut with a special wire - never a knife) are always a favourite dish on the table.


You can eat the delicious speak and taste the frankfurter sausages too. From the lakes you can eat different kinds of fish, most of all trout cooked in different ways. You can eat cheese as "il Vezzena" - a semi-hard, semi-cooked cheese, produced in the summer grazing period from partially skimmed pure cows' milk that is richly flavoured and aromatic due to the strongly perfumed milk produced by the mountain dairies - or "l'Asiago" or "il Grana" and finish your meal with cakes made with apples, grapes, blueberry and raspberry like "lo strudel" (delicate heart of apples, pine kernels and raisin) or "la torta di ricotta" (Ricotta tart). Each dish is executed with the greatest care for detail and combined to great wines, passionately chosen by the owners of the restaurants: the union between food and wine in Trentino reigns sovereignly. "Teroldego", "Marzemino", "Cabernet", "Pinot Nero", "Merlot" and "Lagrein" as red wines, "Chardonnay", "Sauvignon", "Riesling", "Müller Thurgau" and "Traminer" as white ones, are some of the best wines Trentino can offer.


The wine list of the restaurants is widely stocked, coming alongside the over 60 regional labels (continuously updated) you'll find over 100 proposals, national and international. That will give you the chance to enjoy the high level of the Trentino's proposition and, on the other hand, to ideally travel around Italy and the five world's continents if you prefer. The 'grappa', white or flavoured, dry, sweet or aromatic and alcoholics drink list, where Trentino is undeniably the king, allows ending up your meal at best. Don't forget to taste also the pure mountain honey to which Lavarone has dedicated a museum. On the Altopiano of Lavarone you can find many different types of honey, each bringing special health benefits: meadow flowers, nectar from a rich variety of mountain flowers, but also honey from acacia, heather, lime trees, and from the high mountains a type of honey that's especially effective against bronchitis, asthma or high blood pressure.

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