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Bespoke shirt - Lisa Stanley (UK) showcase & exhibition

All Saints Mod Holiday has always recognized certain artists that provide a link to our scene. Art exhibitions are an important component of our weekender and we have scheduled exhibitions of artists since the very beginning. This time we have invited one of the UK's most exciting designer/shirt makers, Lisa Stanley from Birmingham, to showcase her creations, her clothing influences, what lies beneath her needlework & her love for the scene.  Once again, details, passion, difference. Here you can read a short presentation and some picture of Lisa at work and her shirts


Bespoke Shirt Maker based in Birmingham, England; with a nod towards heritage shapes and styles. Having grown up with a big interest in youth subcultures and a love of sewing, I began to use my skills to create unique and individual garments for likeminded people. The shirt making process varies for every individual; some start with a cloth in mind and others an idea of a shirt they’d like. Every detail from collars to cuffs and locker loops to pockets is discussed. For each shirt I use specially sourced suppliers for cloth and notions, based across the UK and Europe. Once cloth and details are selected the shirt is ready to be made; I start with a basic block with a standard chest and collar measurement, but then I tweak the pattern block for every individuals measurements as no two people are the same. The whole process from start to finish is done by me and every shirt is made and handcrafted to your specifications.

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